Keep your pet healthy with regular vaccination

Regular vaccination for your pet is required to ensure their well-being and continued good health. All animals exhibit declining maternal antibodies 2-3 weeks after weaning. For optimal health, all dogs and cats should be given core vaccination based on individual needs.

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Various pet vaccinations

At 6-7 weeks of age, vaccination should begin and be repeated every 3 weeks until 16 weeks of age

Rabies vaccine is normally given at 16 weeks and is repeated annually. Alternatively, once every 3 years vaccines may be given

Your pet may be 3 years old, and may develop lifetime immunity. This may be confirmed by checking antibody titers every 2 years. An exception exists in that – Bordetella and canine influenza (H3N8) titers are not available for testing

It should be noted that antibody titer testing versus indiscriminate annual vaccination may have a positive effect on your pet’s immune system, and usually is more cost-effective.

Annual checkups for your pet

To ensure the good health of your pet, you need to get regular annual wellness exams done. Call us at 847-564-7799, and get your FREE phone consultation today.

Even if lifetime immunity has been developed or if 3 year vaccines are used, you need to get annual checkups done for your pet as your pet ages.


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